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 Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics

On top of the page, next to the Log Out button, you'll see a button labelled RP Log. Inside is a

For this game, you'll be using the dice labelled Standard Dice. It's self-explanatory. 6 sides, with numbers 1-6.

Upon character submission, for your chosen elements, you start off with 1D (one dice) in each. Your strongest element (the one you choose to list first of all the first-level elements) gets an extra dice.

The inputs for elements 1 through 3 will look something like this on your RP Log:

Element 1 - 2D Fire
Element 2 - 1D Earth
Element 3 - 1D Dark

At the beginning of a battle, you'll be given a number or list of numbers and a description of the enemies in the way of your character. It'll look like:

"You face 2 enemies, both blahblahblah. 2D, 3D"

During battle, you'll have to click the "Add Reply" button on the lower left of the screen so you can roll dice. Below the text box is the drop-down menu for the dice. Select "Standard Dice" and type in the number of times it should be rolled. If you have 2D in Fire, you'll put a number 2 beside it. Then, click the + button next to the dropdown menu up to the number of times D are mentioned, in this case 2. Next to their drop down menus type the numbers next to the D (in this case 2 and 3).

It's not nearly as daunting as it looks, I promise.
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Game Mechanics
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