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 Overall Rules and Procedures

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Overall Rules and Procedures Empty
PostSubject: Overall Rules and Procedures   Overall Rules and Procedures EmptyThu Jul 03, 2014 5:34 pm

The rules on this list apply to all sections of this site.

  • No sexually explicit / illegal material! Posting things that fall under this category will get you insta-banned.

  • No harassment. Meaning no bullying other members for any reason. If you believe you're being harassed by another member, take a screenshot and pm it to an admin or GM (The user "Game Master" is not a person). NOTE: This does not apply inside an RPG if two characters have conflict with each other.
                - Don't be a wuss. If you're getting flamed or trolled, don't continue to associate with the offending party; be an adult and report them without feeding them.

  • No spamming. Spamming is defined as:
                -  posting multiple times in a row in a single thread instead of using the EDIT POST button
                -  any post not in English / understandable from an English speaking point of view.
                -  any post under 5 words. If you're in an RP, that's not a difficult quota to meet.
                -  any post advertising another site. You MAY, however, advertise in your signature.

  • Keep posts section appropriate. Don't go around posting about a game you played in any RPG section. There's obviously an exception to this rule if you are posting in-character.

  • Absolutely no godmodding. This usually means controlling the actions of another player's character. It can also apply to stating an action as an absolute and something that would give other players no time to react, such as "I stab your character several times through the throat". Instead, you would have to say "I move to stab your character several times through the throat.", at which the character in question would then respond by rolling perception or attempting to move away or something, because it's not going to be possible for you to outright kill anyone.

  • Do NOT steal! Any of the RPGs here are originally created here unless stated otherwise. If I find out that any of this ends up on another site, I'm gonna be really pissed.

    If found guilty of infraction of rules based on mod/admin judgement, you will first be given a warning. Second infraction gets you 3 day suspension and removal of half your points. Third will get you one week suspension and removal of ALL points. Fourth will be a ban.

    If you believe a mod or admin was unfair in their judgement, send them a screenshot of your questionable post and your reasons why you believe you don't deserve punishment for it. If they agree with you, they are instructed to revoke the punishment.
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Overall Rules and Procedures
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